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I came across this article in the Guardian today and it gave me an idea: my top five kitchen gadgets. Enjoy.

Number 1: Wonder Whisk – well that’s how Lakeland refers to them as.

This little whisk is great for making salad dressing and for getting lumps out of gravy.

If you mix oil and vinegar in the salad bowl with the whisk you reduce your washing up and you cut down on wastage transferring the dressing between bowls. Once you get the feel of this you don’t have to measure the oil and vinegar so saving even more washing up!

If you make gravy in the meat pan then this little gadget will let you mix in flour with some liquid and the meat juices. I start working the mixture together in one corner and once you have a smooth paste you can start working in the rest of the lovely crunchy bits from the meat. Fabulous!

Number 2: Really good knives

Good sharp knives make everything easier. Sharpen them often and keep them away from lots of clutter in drawers.

These are the knives I’ve got, they were a Christmas present and I didn’t realise quite how much they cost until I just searched for the link! But worth every penny.

Here’s how to keep them sharp:

Number 3: Vegetable Peeler

You don’t have to get these from Lakeland, you can get them from most cookshops or just from the market. This makes peeling vegetables very easy and you only peel a small amount. This cuts wastage and leaves all that goodness that you find just under the peel for you to eat.

This gadget also allows you to get wafer thin strips of root vegetables to make your own crisps.

The design makes is easy to peel vegetables quickly and neatly. You don’t need to spend as long again tidying your veg up with a knife when you’ve finished peeling.

Number 4: Hand held liquidiser

A hand held blender allows you to blitz something in a saucepan without having to decant hot liquid into a food processor and then into another bowl. Not only does this avoid juggling your dinner between various appliances – creating mountains of washing up in the process – but it gives you a lovely smooth texture to your soup/sauce.

You can also use it to blend in extra liquid. For instance if you’ve pureed your veg but you’ve not added all your stock. If you just stir it in the texture can be a bit odd. If you add stock gradually while gently liquidizing you get a  beautiful velvety texture.

Number 5: Pestle and Mortar

Fresh spices make all the difference to your cooking and to get the most of your spices you need something to prepare them in. Get the biggest pestle that your kitchen can handle and get two if you’ve got space. For dry ingredients make your pestle heavy so it doesn’t move around while you’re grinding and you don’t have to worry about using too much force. If you want to mix wet ingredients in a pestle and mortar use one that isn’t made of a porous material – you don’t want it picking up the smells of everything you’re mixing.

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